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 Chocolate might not be for everyone but it was for this heart growing up and for all those with a sweet tooth and believe love is sweet. I will never forget the day I saw a chocolate wall as a kid! AND as an adult now, I can tell you it's user friendly for all AGES. I knew the day we celebrated my daughter's quinceañera I wanted the fountain and a runway of desserts and fruits......and from that day on Fondue Momma was born.  


Meet our co-owner, Phillip, Veteran, Father, and more. We like to call him FonduePapa. He works as RoboRay in the events you request. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and video game arcades.
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Who We Are

Fondue Momma was born out of love and cocoa. Established in 2021, we design services that create value and a memorable experience for your event. Guests of all ages will enjoy dipping their favorite treats into a cascading flow of chocolate!
We bring the fun in the fondue!
Taking pride in customizing and personalizing a dessert table that you and your guests will talk about, enjoy, and take a lifelong experience from your event after it's all over. Don't like chocolate, no problem.... let's talk Nacho!